Black Leg Sanji
BLS Infobox
Nickname: BLS
First Appearance: Chapter 9
Affiliation: Predictors
Fighting Style:
Userpage: User:Black Leg Sanji

Black Leg Sanji otherwise known as BLS is a predictor, known to be the best at predictions.


BLS's avatar is a picture of Sanji. He sports a black leotard, with frills on the arms. On his back he carries a sword.



He seems to have psychic abilities, as he is able to levitate his crystal ball, as well as tell of future events through Prediction.

BLS also carries a sword but it is unknown how proficient he is in using it.



BLS was first seen in Chapter 9, predicting the events of the next chapter. He predicted that Franky 103, LPk, Rici and hungry would be defeated at the Ustedsabe Nothing Warehouse. Also, Mrgod would become a hero. Although, he was not sure about this prediction.


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