Panda Is Naked In This Chapter
Chapter 6
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Title Panda Is Naked In This Chapter
Chapter 6
Release Date October 18, 2012
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Chapter 6 is the sixth chapter of the series and it's called "Panda Is Naked In This Chapter".


LuffyPirateKing, laying on the ground fantasizing.


Pandawarrior tries to figure out why she is naked.

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  • Pandawarrior is naked.
  • When the chapter first came out, Ryu made a few mistakes.
    • For the cover, it said "Chapter 5" instead of "Chapter 6".
    • During the abridge scene, Mrgod11234 said "masterbate" instead of "masturbate".
    • There was no hidden Sff9 ghost.
  • For "Characters For The Background" it is AYET, dressed in something that Brook would wear.
  • Ryu asks Calu to draw 15 bonus page, but instead gives him 16 pages.
    • There is a page of an otter.
    • She was rushed and her deadline was in 1 day after he informed her.


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