Nickname: Gal
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: Fisticuffs
Userpage: User:Galcion
Age: 22

Galcion, also known as Gal, is one of the main characters in the series.


Galcion has the gentleman appearance. He dresses in a dark suit and light-colored shirt beneath. He wears a matching pants with the suit and black party shoes. His avatar is that of Sanji (and his cigarette) from One Piece.

Abilities and PowersEdit

For further information, see Dapper Jambe.

Galcion is a formidable fighter, using his great strength and stamina in battle.


Galcion is known as the true gentleman of One Piece Wiki.



He appears in The Chat talking with Imhungry4444. He gets angry when IP: kills Sff9. After Wikia appears, he asks what kind of thing it is. When DancePowderer opens the door, he appears in a fantasy world.


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