Nickname: Sff
First Appearance: Chapter 1
Affiliation: Normal Users
Fighting Style: None
Userpage: User:Sff9

Sff9 is one of the background characters of the series.


Sff9's avatar is Aisa from One Piece sticking out her tongue. It wears a white t-shirt and white pants, as well as a pair of white shoes.


Sff9 is always lingering around the chat joint, watching the people who come there from the back corner.



Sff attacked

Sff9 being attacked.

Sff9 was standing in a corner not saying anything looking all shy while the others were talking. After a while it was attacked by the hacker IP: with Hacker's Remorse.

After dying, Sff9 has appeared as a ghost hidden in every chapter.


  • Nobody knows the true gender of Sff, leaving it a mystery forever.

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