Hello all who are reading this ( all 10 of you) this is my attempt at energizing one piece wiki comic blog section woot! Woot!

I view the only way to get people blogging is to spark opinion and the only way to do that is to make a blog with no textual support and make questiobs that don't matter and hypothesis that we all know probably aren't true or won't happen.

1) Sff is alive: Sff could possibly be alive because why would Ryu make a character to kill them in the first chapter Sff is a talkative person the role of Sff is huge there's no way Ryu would not use such an outspoken person.

2) Is LPK admin level? Duh he is, I mean come on he has a patch and he's the leader of a team he must be as strong as dp even though we've never seen them fight.

3) Why is this arc so long? This arc is so long I feel likes it been a year!

4) Will we ever see Man of Myth is legend again??? Personally he's my 3rd favorite character

5) Ryu X Caring, I know this isn't a romance comic but it fits the comic in my own little world so it must happen.

Well I hope you enjoyed my sarcastic logic, questions, and my imitiation of what people do on blogs. Au revoir

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