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  • RyuChanVEVO

    1. Type in any comment whatsoever.

    2. I will read it.

    3. I will respond to it with the next release.

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    Dear readers,

    I really enjoy writing and drawing the comic. But right now it's time for improvement. I need to know what you like and don't like. I'll also take in a few ideas. Please answer these questions.

    1. What's your favorite part in the comic?

    2. What's your least favorite part?

    3. Who's character design do you like best (outfit, body shape, etc.)?

    4. Who's designs don't you like?

    5. What would you put in the comic?

    6. What would you remove?

    If you answer these, I will really appreciate it. It will help me give you the best comic I can.

    Love, on a roll, Ryu-Chan

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  • RyuChanVEVO


    September 18, 2011 by RyuChanVEVO

    Dear puppets,

    First of all, I have a question for you. Would you prefer long chapters or more chapters? Longer chapters will take longer to make, but they will have a lot more content. More chapters will pretty much cut the waiting time in half, but not a lot will happen in each chapter. Secondly, I would like to hear any suggestions for the comic. I understand that it might be harder to come up with suggestions before the first chapter is even finished...

    Love, getting sore from sitting at a computer, Ryu-Chan

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  • RyuChanVEVO

    First Blog of the Wiki

    September 18, 2011 by RyuChanVEVO

    Dear Drooling Fangirls,

    The Wiki seemed to need something... why not a blog? This could incourage others to blog as well! I would love to see fight predictions about my comic, or polls about stupid crap! So, uh... comment about something. Yeah, that seems good. Also, I have a talk page. I can answer some questions for you.

    Love, your savior, Ryu-Chan

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